Now Is a Good Time to Buy a Home

Are housing consumers suffering from some form of “market psychosis”? During the recent boom years in 2003-2005, sellers were calling the shots – dictating prices and terms to multiple bidders who were knocking down their doors in many markets. Today, with the real estate market slowing in many parts of the country, all the market

Time To Buy Q & A

Question: It seems that home prices appear to be moving down. So why should I buy now? If I wait, won’t prices go even lower? Answer: All the market fundamentals show that now is a good time to buy – prices are down, interest rates are affordable, there are lots of homes to choose from

Sell Smart to Buy Now

With today’s changing housing market, the opportunities to buy a home are tremendous. Interest rates are low, prices are competitive, and many builders and sellers are offering fantastic incentives and financing options. But if you’re like two-thirds of people in the new home buying market today, you’ve got a home to sell first. On any

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